Month: February 2014

Aria AA release!

Sorry about the late release guys, we had some in-fights about who would be the topic manager Much thanks to Lauk, Omega and Hikari for taking their time with this. More like, I was picky about how close I wanted the script to be so I made Lauk do it a few times and wasted Omega’s time between 12am-7am his local time.

Also, while I did translate the artist’s comments and blurb, it contains some spoilers so I’ll leave it until the end.

Here are the chapters:

  • 08 – https://[]/#!lA4nWZba!Q4n61mEI15KB9DDvMJHoRi2c5C1o-VcQ4tkj0JeYOog
  • 09 – https://[]/#!1ExAnD7B!Hckg3uI7A8uKplc4vB0jH7wO8y_CIQoGeF1luSKpJd4

Happy Valentines!