Month: April 2014

Aria AA Ch11 release!

This one was translated and proofread for a while. Now we enter a little mini-arc before another short story before entering into the first major(?) one in the light novel. Much thanks to Ace, Lauk, Omega and Hikari for taking their time with this. Hopefully we’ll get into some sort of pattern soon…

Other chapters coming eventually.

Here is the chapter:

  • 11 – https://[]/#!0BgB0ASY!WCD_OE9ff0C7eGCW7tv7nTVpvklDHgEd5T9H6uZFxNc

Life really takes the life out of you. I suppose that’s why there’s food.

We’ll catch up eventually. Maybe.

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Aria AA Ch10 release!

Sorry about the late release guys, I got lazy and life took the life out of me. Much thanks to Ace, Lauk, Omega and Hikari for taking their time with this.

Other chapters coming soon. Maybe.

Here is the chapter:

  • 10 – https://[]/#!YEwRyBAa!sGq6VgzAaRNTO5MRw5aq3LU5LLcLa-aXqhyVENPQnrs

Happy Belated Easter!

We’ll catch up eventually. Maybe.

EDIT: Since I failed to properly QC the first page (of all things) and we’re not V2-ing this unless we get private raws I will list some stuff I would have changed.

  • Contract -> Compact – Same thing really but it’s my preference on terms. I don’t mind too much which though. I just want it to be consistent with my releases
  • The sentence saying “Today, a senpai is doing the physical examination and” makes no sense. I suppose I should change it to “So today, the senpai are in charge and they’re handling our physical examinations” or something.
  • And while it’s not technically just the first page, the cleaning style is inconsistent between the earlier pages and the later pages and that bugs me. It’s actually the reason it was delayed for so long (I’ve been holding onto it for quite a while now) but I gave up and decided to release it since Ace cleaned a few chapters ahead (she’s so nice :3).
  • Connected -> Connect – Didn’t notice because it made English sense.
  • Muscle Revenger – There has to be a better way to translate that…