Month: May 2014

Have fun Ace!

Tonight we bid our good friend Ace goodbye as she delves into sheltered dorm life where she cannot continue to work with us. Hopefully, this will be temporary as she spends the next few years building her arts arsenal for her triumphant return to the group after we hopefully make some more progress XD

From Omega, our ever busy, proofreader:

“Glad to have you onboard for the past while. Without you and your interactions with Lauk, this family would be incomplete. I wish I had more time to proofread so we could actually release chapters; but this is only a temporary goodbye. Until we all meet again, farewell.”

From HT, our life-saving redrawer:

“Ahhh Ace, how far you’ve come TuT I remember when you were still this shy little 152 cm thing *manly tears* It’s been a blast having you here (things definitely wouldn’t have been the same without ya) and I eagerly await your return! You’d better some back soon or the yuri I’ma gonna draw ya’s gonna disappear soon!

; u ; )/ best of luck at Uni!”

From myself (PKX), not translating enough:

“As the founder of Muninki, I was rather shocked that I even managed to recruit some people for the group. While it has only been about 4 months since you first joined Ace, the amount of time we spent talking about anything and everything but scanlating was immensely fun. As Omega remarks, your interactions with Lauk and all the silly banter completes this family. I, and we, Muninki, will miss you and the opportunity to chat with you for the next few years Ace. Until then, fare thee well.”

And from Lauk, our typesetter with too much time on his hand, and self-declared divorcee of Ace and current Onii-san of Ace:

“Oh Ace already knows what I would say to her”

And finally, let us have a word from Ace:

“To Muninki –> Thank you for taking care of me for the past few months….. and also, for teaching me some new stuff (i’mjustsaying) … But I will come back (which i don’t know when)…. with my new appearance (hopefully) !!!!

To everyone –> I’ve no idea what to say, but I, the (trainee) cleaner of Muninki, am saying…. thank you for your support… on Muninki , of course. It means a lot to us especially me. d(=v=)b umm …. That’s all.”

As you can see Ace, we will all miss you. Thanks for learning how to clean to help us out. I’m sorry I may have been slightly picky every now and then but you did improve, honestly.

We hope to see you soon!

PKX and Muninki (無人気)