Month: June 2014


For those that can read, that says “4 koma”. I.e. those four panel comic strips.

Muninki is getting its own 4 koma!

Please see the 4 koma page for more details!

Work in progress... But... Where is everyone?

Nobody is here… I have no idea what I’m even doing.


P2 release number 2!

It’s Queen’s Birthday public holiday for some people so let’s give the queen a chapter. Not sure if she reads manga though.

Thank TheOmega for the delays. Much thanks to TheOmega, Ace and Lauk for the chapter though. And since Ace will be on hiatus, we’re looking for cleaners who can help us!

Here’s the chapter: 18 – https://[]/#!cc41mbKa!P-upc1Y5KSGYLN4touVCTlWxfM5MYFrE8YI4PdQpHyE

Don’t forget the chapter can be read on Batoto too!


We need more people to fill in the gaps. Hence, Muninki is recruiting, was recruiting and will continue to recruit until we have had enough. We are looking for more people in general so that we can not only pick up our pace, but pick up new project(s)!

Positions needed
Translator – High
Cleaner – High
Redrawer – High
Proofreader/Editor – Low
Typesetter – Medium
Raw Provider – High