We need more people to fill in the gaps. Hence, Muninki is recruiting, was recruiting and will continue to recruit until we have had enough. We are looking for more people in general so that we can not only pick up our pace, but pick up new project(s)!

Positions needed
Translator – High
Cleaner – High
Redrawer – High
Proofreader/Editor – Low
Typesetter – Medium
Raw Provider – High

Current considerations include:

  • Traumeister
  • Mahou Shoujo Kanrikan Hanmura Hisayuki
  • Tsuyokida Sadame
  • among others…

But this depends on getting at least translators and others. Experience is NOT required. Also, everyone is free to decide on what they work on.

Translator – JP>EN or viable alternative. There can never be enough Translators so if you are unsure, just apply. Even if not, I would love to chat with you.
Cleaner – so that we can pick up more series.
Redrawer – so that we can pick up more series.
Proofreader/Editor – so that we end up with nicer sentences without having to wait for me (the sole translator) to move from Japanese mode to English mode.
Typesetter – so that we can give our never-busy typesetter even more free time to play his visual novels. But primarily so that we can pick up more series.
(if possible, private and high quality raw provider as well) – so that we can release V2s for our current series and release series in higher quality in general.

No experience is needed for any position. We are looking for motivated people.

You can contact us through Batoto, at or through email muninki.staff@[hotmail].com

Visit our website at



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