Month: October 2014

Aria AA Ch12 release!

Like with the previous one, this one was translated for a while. The difference lies in how long this one was at the proofreading stage for. Delays thanks to real life and TheOmega not living like an owl anymore.

Much thanks to Ace, Lauk, TheOmega and Hikari for taking their time with this. Although Ace had left us with a backlog of cleans~

Other chapters coming eventually. To be precise, chapter 13 has been translated already for a while so.

Also, it would seem that was forced to take down the earlier chapters due to a DMCA request. We will likely continue so worry not. Whether you choose to read the chapters elsewhere is up to you.

Here is the chapter:

  • 12 – https://[]/#!4BxwGKhZ!1fS4D219O_pwsf2KY-sDWUlHseztnk6BpIwZCjVwJ0s

We’ll catch up eventually. Maybe.

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