Month: May 2015


Hello mates, HT here. After some long delays due to the curse called school, we hereby announce the release of chapter 4 of Rengoku no Karma! Thanks to Lauk, Kpoed, Queen, Azu, and Omega for contributing your time and energy to this~ In the future there may be even more delays but we’re working on it! Please have a little bit of faith TuT)/ We’ll see y’all soon in the next release.

  • Rengoku no Karma 04 – https://[]/#!wQ8z2ZrB!ffsmhoYRjuML-_Ma-g0kCVWZy-J43tEsY4B7PDqDCfw
  • On here – http://[]/read/_/324092/rengoku-no-karma_ch4_by_muninki