The hype is real. Let us death march to the parallel world rhapsody together

We picked another series up. (I really should stop.) I have waited a long, long time for this. Once we got started on it, it actually went by fast enough, but I was thinking of translating this ever since I read the web novel but I waited and waited until I could take it no longer, got Lauk to redraw it while I translated it, only to find out that OneTimeScans’s Teras began discussing starting it. So what to do but approach and save(?) some time?

Terms are different to the translation of the web novel found on a certain site (located here) and the story is different due to the light novel progressing differently to the web novel.

Thanks goes to and FunyaNemui, Teras of One Time Scans and Lauk and PKX from Muninki here. Lauk did almost all the work. Seriously. Volly and Teras also went above and beyond correcting my supposed corrections, send them your thanks by visiting their site here.

While I did not translate this particular chapter, I TLC’d it for consistency with future chapters (which I will be translating). Hopefully, my web novel-based knowledge will not contradict the published version.

The chapter can be read on or downloaded from with trigger !death1 or from One Time Scans here:

  • 01 –

We’ll catch up eventually. Other chapters coming eventually. Also, pace will be faster than AA and P2. Incidentally, I am well aware this series does not really fit the bill for this group, but I (PKX) really wanted to do it so I did it. I am even up to date with the Japanese chapters of the web novel. As for the light novel… Soon.

KnM is at translation.

SnM is at translation still but progress is being made (according to tiRAWRmisu of Riceballicious). Go bug tiRAWRmisu for the last chapter.

RnK is being held back thanks to the project leader, hikari.tenjou being busy.

Those who do not mind working with busies, please see our “Join us!” page or just contact us via email, comment or IRC. We especially need redrawers since we can not let our typesetter do all this redrawing stuff themselves.

WARNING: TL notes coming up. There may be spoilers.

Some TL notes (highlight to view):

Death March meaning here.
I am not a programmer. Volly has sought some programming-related-terms help.
“Satou”, the name should for all intents and purposes be pronounced “Satuu” judging from how the author wrote the name. However, it is without a doubt “Satou”.
“Dragon God” can also be translated as “Dragon King”. Which is probably where he got “ruling dragons” from.
What I have as “tangible magic” is what said web novel translation had as “nature magic” (or something). 術理魔法
The magic “Air Cushion” actually has “Air Wall” as its kanji.
The magic “Resist Fall” has “Reduce Fall Speed” as its kanji.
Zena’s family is nobility ranking as “Knights” (the bottom-ranked court title). It may be mentioned later (assuming the manga is not a plain light novel advertisement), but in the Shiga Kingdom, Duke > Marquis > Earl/Count > Viscount > Baron > Baronet > Knight is the order of nobility. Said web novel translation used the French “chevalier”. Both are fine, but I’ll be using “Knight”. Here is a useful table explaining peerage in Japanese.


      1. Oh, that was a fast answer could you answer a other question of mine?
        How long do you need to translate chapter 2?
        Hm… i hope that doesn’t sound rude x’DD
        I’m asking because if you had the script already finished i would love to read it x’DD

      2. Umm… Hopefully I will finish it by the end of this week. Volunteering in real life and the overall text length is quite draining on me so I have been procrastinating a bit with it. QCing the first chapter was also tiring. We spent a lot of time on that.

      3. About two weeks.
        Those are the RAWs we used for the first chapter. The next few chapters, I will be downloading it directly from Comic Walker.

    1. What can I say? The manga is text-driven and thus is heavy on text, there is a lot to redraw, it is a monthly manga in Japan, and we have three projects all at around the same level of progress. It should be out by the end of this month at latest, more probably sooner.

      1. Arigato for your answer 🙂 Going to wait for new chaps both manga and novel , loved it ( finished reading in in 1 night ahaha)
        P.S I wish you a lot of patience and immunity to all kinds of sickness 😀 I hope you will never leave this project unfinished ’cause it would kill some of us T_T HYPE IS REAL ahahaha

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