The second movement of the rhapsody

We will be aiming to keep this pace. Hopefully.

NOTE: The manga is an adaption of the light novel. NOT the web novel. The story WILL progress differently and there is, has and will be other differences compared to the web novel.
Primary delay was deciding which of our many proofreaders was going to take helm of the series.

Terms are different to the translation of the web novel found on a certain site (located here) and the story is different due to the light novel progressing differently to the web novel. Hero-sama and the like sounds really awkward.

Thanks goes to Lauk, Kpoed and PKX. Lauk did almost all the work. Chapter 01 can be downloaded from One Time Scans here.

The chapter can be read on here, or downloaded here:

We’ll catch up eventually. Other chapters coming eventually. Also, pace will be faster than AA and P2. Incidentally, I am well aware this series does not really fit the bill for this group, but I (PKX) really wanted to do it so I did it. I am even up to date with the Japanese chapters of the web novel. It has been quite exciting lately; the web novel chapters. As for the light novel… Soon.

KnM is at translation.

SnM is at translation still but progress is being made (according to tiRAWRmisu of Riceballicious). Go bug tiRAWRmisu for the last chapter.

RnK is being held back thanks to the project leader, hikari.tenjou being busy.

Those who do not mind working with busies, please see our “Join us!” page or just contact us via email, comment or IRC. We especially need redrawers since we can not let our typesetter do all this redrawing stuff themselves.

WARNING: TL notes coming up. There may be spoilers.

Some TL notes (highlight to view):

Satou’s full Yamato Stone status:

Name: Satou
Race: Human race
Age: 15
Level: 1
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Social Class: Commoner
Titles: N/A
Skills: N/A
Awards/Condemnations: N/A

About the line “If you don’t mind sleeping altogether in one large room, then it’s only 1 copper coin.”, the light novel states that it’s 2 copper coins.
The full version of the character introduction page can be seen here if you’re already up to date with the web novel.

EDIT: Whoops. “Pedlar” or “Peddler”? Next time, I will be sure to stick to “pedlar”.

EDIT2: Noticed two unrelated errors as I was referring back to translate so I fixed them up.

EDIT3: Fixed for continuity. Instances of “Demon Lord” are now “Demon King”.


      1. I would like to avoid direct links to the files so I edited it out. Just remove “%5B” ([) and “%5D” (]) from the link to get the actual one.

  1. You know, it’s been a while since last time ch. 2 was released.

    Back then, you said you’d attempt to release on a fortnight base.

    Are you certain you can still keep your pace at fortnight base with you current status?

    1. I honestly did not expect that most of our members would start school again (clearly I do not live in America). Progress is being made and we are attempting to work around it all. My personal goal remains as fortnightly however, but we will miss that due to personnel issues. Sorry about the wait.

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