Month: September 2015

The interval is over. We shall now move into the third movement of the rhapsody.

Sorry about the delay. Delays brought to you by my sudden obsession with Sim City, the conveniently timed blow-up of Lauk’s PC and real life problems including that magic known as “school”.

NOTE: The manga is an adaption of the light novel. NOT the web novel. The story WILL progress differently and there is, has and will be other differences compared to the web novel.

Terms are different to the translation of the web novel found on a certain site (located here) and the story is different due to the light novel progressing differently to the web novel. Hero-sama and the like sounds really awkward. And the Light Novel changes a LOT of things. Courtesy of Kazuto01, here is the link to the light novel translation as translated by miaomix539.