One and two years

So, it took us one year since we released the last chapter, and about two years since Riceballicious released their last chapter to finish this series off. I really wanted to finish this. I love the ending, as abrupt and soon as it felt. I love the characters and how they interacted with one another. But translating this really takes its toll on you. Anyhow, here is the final chapter of Suashi no Meteorite, chapter 21 – The Final Step.

For download, and for your online reading pleasure, on

  • 21 – https://[]/#!25o3FIbS!ryQ2GPiLRy-FeeOiG5mO-B0v9BDUODdMTJtTl0yTXcc
  • Online here – http://[]/reader#fd30375974ea7a1e

Both Riceballicious and I died translating this. Allow me to be very frank about this, translating this series, while an honour, was painfully difficult. The plan was for Riceballicious’s side to do the translating, but it seems they hit RL so I took over.

And no, I did not cut down on the exclamation marks, let alone add more. I think.

Also, someone remind me to never pick up a series at the end. Translating a series from the end is hard. Especially one that I had not read for a year or two. Finding the time to read the series again from the beginning is tiring.


I’m tired, beat and hungry. – PKX

Umm this was pretty darn hard though it’s nice to see the story being wrapped up~ ;w; I still miss Darumiru though! – Dei

2 months of coercing to get this chapter out – Lauk



“One grasp of public opinion” -> “persevere for the good of all”


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