Month: March 2016

Fare Thee Well Lauk

A bit late, but tonight we bid our good friend Lauk goodbye as he delves into sheltered dorm life where he cannot continue to work with us. Hopefully, this will be temporary as he spends the next few years building his–– Okay, jokes aside.

So another member is sucked up by the vortex that is University and dorm life.

From Omega, our ever busy, proofreader:

“Lauk my friend, it’s been quite the long 3 years of ups and down for us both. I’ve always appreciated the work you’ve done and I hope we will have more chances to collaborate in the future. Cheers! -Omega”

From HT, our life-saving redrawer:

“It’s been great having you around. We shall humbly await your (probable) return”

From myself (PKX), not translating enough:

“As a co-founder of Muninki, thanks for helping me out. From the first time you extended that figurative hand to me from across the computer screen (and ocean), you have been on board just about every project we have done as Muninki. While the numbers may pale in comparison to other people, let alone your own work in other groups, you have done a lot to help me in this hobby. Especially since you dealt with the members more than I did by far. While it’s not like we can not keep chatting together, not being able to work together from now on will be a little sad. But since you might make a comeback, until then, fare thee well.”

From Dei, our resident has-more-time-than-Omega-proofreader:

“OvO Uhhh thanks for carrying the team all the time thumbs up and for being a good senpai who attempted very hard to teach me league amongst many other things XDD T’was really fun having dumb convos with you and everyone ^v^)b good luck with uni and all that!
Pleh I dunno what else to say since I’m sure you’ll still be online like 99.9% of the time so that’s it from me.”

From Kpoed, our resident gunner:

“Ignore what everyone else is saying, Lauk got abducted by aliens”

And finally, let us have a word from Lauk:

“To quote a wise man “I have better luck believing in god than the current team (Y)” – A wise man”

As you can see Lauk, we will all miss you. Thanks for teaching us, trolling us, and helping us so much until now. I am so sorry I do not have the awesome TSing ability you have.

We hope to work with you again soon!

PKX and Muninki (無人気)


Keep calm, and pretend I said nothing

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and a Happy Chinese New Year and a Happy Valentines Day and a… I think I got every holiday I missed of relevance up until now. And here, I present ch05 of Death March two months after it finished being TSd!

NOTE: The manga is an adaption of the light novel. NOT the web novel. The story WILL progress differently and there is, has and will be other differences compared to the web novel.

Terms are different to the translation of the web novel found on a certain site (located here) and the story is different due to the light novel progressing differently to the web novel. Hero-sama and the like sounds really awkward. And the Light Novel changes a LOT of things. Courtesy of Kazuto01, here is the link to the light novel translation as translated by miaomix539.

Kept you waiting, huh?