Who wants to explore life?

Next two chapters have already been translated so expect them whenever the PR and/or TS, RD is bothered. Well, have at it.

NOTE: The manga is an adaption of the light novel. NOT the web novel. The story WILL progress differently and there is, has and will be other differences compared to the web novel.

Terms are different to the translation of the web novel found on a certain site (located here) and the story is different due to the light novel progressing differently to the web novel. Hero-sama and the like sounds really awkward. And the Light Novel changes a LOT of things. Miaomix539’s translation has unfortunately been removed however.

Thanks goes to Lauk, Kpoed, Whitepod and PKX. Chapter 01 can be downloaded from One Time Scans here.

The chapter can be read on Bato.to here, or downloaded here:

AA and P2 soon™.

KnM is at translation.


No idea what is happening to RnK to be honest.

Redrawers, artsy people, etc. see our “Join us!” page or just contact us via email, comment or IRC. We especially need redrawers since we can not let our typesetter do all this redrawing stuff themselves. And maybe typesetters too. I mentioned redrawers twice because it was important.

WARNING: TL notes coming up. There may be spoilers.

Some TL notes (highlight to view):

Yes, I left the “nanodesu” intact since I am seriously used to reading it so in the Japanese web novel and I cannot for the life of me create a similar verbal tic.
“Tama” and “Pochi” are popular names for cats and dogs in Japan.



  1. Hey, pardon me posting this here, I wasn’t exactly sure what the best way to contact you would be. Tried IRC but no one was there and can’t seem to PM on here.

    Anyway, I’ll give it a shot anyway. I was wondering if you still had a translator and raws for Rengoku no Karma, I could help out editing script, cleaning and typesetting, if you’re still interested in the project.

    1. To be fair, I should have probably looked just a little further and asked this on the recruitment post instead. Oh well, can’t delete this now, so apologies.

  2. I’ve only read the LN until midway through the second volume, but it really does change a lot of things (timing of encounter, survivors, foes…). The author has mentioned that it’s an alternate.

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