Author: Lauk

The time is now, to weep about our assessments, and to escape from them.

Lauk: “Just release them as they are and then release a v2 later lol”
PKX: “Umm… So long as you make it super clear it’s a v0 release. And I’m not doing the uploading.”

And here we are, these are not the final versions as they haven’t been quality checked so if you spot anything that seems off please notify us in the comments.

Special thanks to Dyron for redrawing chapter 5 of Death March and Dei for proofreading chapter 4 of Rengoku no Karma

Death March
Chapter 01 can be downloaded from One Time Scans here.

Rengoku no Karma


Same procedures, remove the “%5B” and the “%5D” for the download

AA still needs to be typesetted and redrawn. Yes we are aware that there is someone else who is also doing HnA AA, we will still release our version and hope for a joint for the next chapter.



Hello mates, HT here. After some long delays due to the curse called school, we hereby announce the release of chapter 4 of Rengoku no Karma! Thanks to Lauk, Kpoed, Queen, Azu, and Omega for contributing your time and energy to this~ In the future there may be even more delays but we’re working on it! Please have a little bit of faith TuT)/ We’ll see y’all soon in the next release.

  • Rengoku no Karma 04 – https://[]/#!wQ8z2ZrB!ffsmhoYRjuML-_Ma-g0kCVWZy-J43tEsY4B7PDqDCfw
  • On here – http://[]/read/_/324092/rengoku-no-karma_ch4_by_muninki