Our current members (with releases to their name) include:

  • PKX

A newbie to this field. Self-taught in just about everything including (to some degree) the Japanese language. Can translate, clean, redraw (a bit) and typeset and is hence, the quality checker. The other reason being, because I’m the founder of Muninki. (The name was thought up on-the-spot.)

  • Lauk

The veteran good-guy. He’s a typesetter and has way more experience redrawing than I (PKX) have. Lauk is a masochist towards bad manga and anime

  • TheOmega

Your typical grammar know-it-all; he’s our proofreader and resident connoisseur. Extremely skilled at wasting his talents; but between oversleeping and procrastinating, he gets the work done.

  • HikariTenjou

Conscripted by above, new to the scene but plenty motivated enough.

  • Dei-chan

Our imouto-proofreader and learning ZH->EN translator.

  • Kpoed

Our newbie cleaner who seems to be forgotten half the time.

  • Harem Queen

A narcissist personal.

  • Harem King
  • jij
  • Karin

New, procrastinating, translator.

Members on hiatus:

  • [BabyF] Ace

She’s the cleaner, allegedly “Cute, lazy, shy, and hyper (sometimes)”. Currently not much of the four other then shy, but prone to change with time.

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