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Different groups divide and name the roles differently, but here are the main ones:

  • Translator

Translates moonrunes (Japanese) or the source language into something else (typically English) and makes sure they do not confuse everyone else..

  • Cleaner

Makes the page look nice by improving contrast (making the black portions properly black and the white portions properly white) and ensuring that the page isn’t lopsided. May also erase original text. Sometimes, “redrawing” is considered part of cleaning.

  • Redrawer

Tries to recreate the original art that was covered up by text that was laid above the art. Also does the same for recreating two-page spreads. Probably the hardest role. While doable using just the mouse, a dedicated tablet (like a WACOM) helps a lot (for those that learn how to use it properly).

  • Typesetter (known as “lettering” professionally)

Inserts the text where they belong choosing the most suitable font, size and angle in order to match the original and or convey the tone.

  • RAW provider

Scans the original manga so that the rest can work their magic on it. Time consuming (I bet).

  • Proofreader

Fixes the English to make it flow more. Also, sometimes the grammar Nazi.

  • Editor

Occasionally, in some circles, the “editor” refers to the cleaner/redrawer. In other circles, it refers to the proofreader. Context is key.

  • Quality Checker

The final line of defense against errors. Typically capable of editing, cleaning and redrawing in order to fix any problems.

We are recruiting all positions. Particularly translators. The more members we have, the more series we can pick up.

Applicants may fill out this form:

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