Hello mates, HT here. After some long delays due to the curse called school, we hereby announce the release of chapter 4 of Rengoku no Karma! Thanks to Lauk, Kpoed, Queen, Azu, and Omega for contributing your time and energy to this~ In the future there may be even more delays but we’re working on it! Please have a little bit of faith TuT)/ We’ll see y’all soon in the next release.

  • Rengoku no Karma 04 – https://[]/#!wQ8z2ZrB!ffsmhoYRjuML-_Ma-g0kCVWZy-J43tEsY4B7PDqDCfw
  • On here – http://[]/read/_/324092/rengoku-no-karma_ch4_by_muninki

Aria AA Ch13 release & random!

Like with the previous one, this one was translated for a while. The difference lies in how long this one was at the redrawing stage for. Delays thanks to real life, lost tablet pens, screentones and anime marathons.

Much thanks to Ace, Lauk, TheOmega and Hikari for taking their time with this. Although this is actually Ace’s backlog of cleans~

Other chapters coming eventually. Also, anime adaption soon!!

Here is the chapter:

  • 13 – https://[]/#!uwRWSA4T!3dufSyjqKAVGbH31Pb8ilHDvUR_DVvN_Tg1Qlu4O5yM

We’ll catch up eventually. Maybe.

Those who do not mind working with busies, please see our “Join us!” page or just contact us via email, comment or IRC. We especially need redrawers since we can not let our typesetter do all this redrawing stuff themselves.

Now, I shall pass it onto Lauk for the project he spear-headed himself.

Suashi no Meteorite was taking ages [No offense Riceballicious, but c’mon, 6 months now… (PKX EDIT: I am so sorry about P2. It seriously was not meant to take that long!)] so yeah here you are.
Thanks to the Chinese group “御宅町漫画组”, however it seems they haven’t been active for the past 3 years so hopefully they won’t mind too much that we re-translated it into English.
And thanks to Dei for acting as our CN translator.
We’ll be doing chapter 21 as well so please mind the wait.

  • 20 – https://[]/#!64gDWIzJ!ceq9B52SH83EEIRkTiVsUNi8htS-mKwo1pdQ6Clxvog
  • Online: http://[]/read/_/302974/suashi-no-meteorite_ch20_by_muninki

P.S. Three releases in 7 days??? The apocalypse has got to be here!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

No, we are not dead. We will only be dead when I say we are. Belated though the wishes may be, truly, Merry New Year and a Happy Xmas!

This chapter delayed thanks to our new cleaner who cleaned it three times and attempted to redraw multiple pages by themselves. Applause please! Unfortunately, they cleaned it in blocks in one style before I told them to redo it so they had to do lots and lots of work!

About this: “I thought i lost the script to P2’s chp 19 like 6 times but i found like 5 copies in my download folder”, our typesetter did in fact ask me multiple times, “where are the scripts” over the course of multiple months to my dismay. But in the end, we finally did it.

Anyhow, here it is:

  • P2 Ch19 – https://[]/#!QRpFzAxZ!ctmCT9C-fV2WLSEqyDauDqbaoZkj1dE3KIszCiL7QBk

For those following Hidan no Aria AA, the next chapter ending the arc is stuck at redrawing. There were three two-page spreads (making up for the lack of spreads in P2) and I did not notice they were spreads until QC so it ended up being delayed massively. Sorry. Incidentally, most would probably already know, but the series will be receiving an anime adaption!! Judging by visuals released, it will cover far beyond what we have translated so far (sorry!! We will hopefully speed up soon).

EDIT: It seems I [the unreliable typesetter] used the wrong script out of the 5 copies, and so I may fix it but meh.

EDIT1: btw “PKX: Before I forget, we’ll be slow – and I apologise for it, but hopefully shorter than 6 months between releases.” – 09 June 2014. I’m sorry I failed epicly.

Aria AA Ch12 release!

Like with the previous one, this one was translated for a while. The difference lies in how long this one was at the proofreading stage for. Delays thanks to real life and TheOmega not living like an owl anymore.

Much thanks to Ace, Lauk, TheOmega and Hikari for taking their time with this. Although Ace had left us with a backlog of cleans~

Other chapters coming eventually. To be precise, chapter 13 has been translated already for a while so.

Also, it would seem that was forced to take down the earlier chapters due to a DMCA request. We will likely continue so worry not. Whether you choose to read the chapters elsewhere is up to you.

Here is the chapter:

  • 12 – https://[]/#!4BxwGKhZ!1fS4D219O_pwsf2KY-sDWUlHseztnk6BpIwZCjVwJ0s

We’ll catch up eventually. Maybe.

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P2 release number 2!

It’s Queen’s Birthday public holiday for some people so let’s give the queen a chapter. Not sure if she reads manga though.

Thank TheOmega for the delays. Much thanks to TheOmega, Ace and Lauk for the chapter though. And since Ace will be on hiatus, we’re looking for cleaners who can help us!

Here’s the chapter: 18 – https://[]/#!cc41mbKa!P-upc1Y5KSGYLN4touVCTlWxfM5MYFrE8YI4PdQpHyE

Don’t forget the chapter can be read on Batoto too!


We need more people to fill in the gaps. Hence, Muninki is recruiting, was recruiting and will continue to recruit until we have had enough. We are looking for more people in general so that we can not only pick up our pace, but pick up new project(s)!

Positions needed
Translator – High
Cleaner – High
Redrawer – High
Proofreader/Editor – Low
Typesetter – Medium
Raw Provider – High


Have fun Ace!

Tonight we bid our good friend Ace goodbye as she delves into sheltered dorm life where she cannot continue to work with us. Hopefully, this will be temporary as she spends the next few years building her arts arsenal for her triumphant return to the group after we hopefully make some more progress XD

From Omega, our ever busy, proofreader:

“Glad to have you onboard for the past while. Without you and your interactions with Lauk, this family would be incomplete. I wish I had more time to proofread so we could actually release chapters; but this is only a temporary goodbye. Until we all meet again, farewell.”

From HT, our life-saving redrawer:

“Ahhh Ace, how far you’ve come TuT I remember when you were still this shy little 152 cm thing *manly tears* It’s been a blast having you here (things definitely wouldn’t have been the same without ya) and I eagerly await your return! You’d better some back soon or the yuri I’ma gonna draw ya’s gonna disappear soon!

; u ; )/ best of luck at Uni!”

From myself (PKX), not translating enough:

“As the founder of Muninki, I was rather shocked that I even managed to recruit some people for the group. While it has only been about 4 months since you first joined Ace, the amount of time we spent talking about anything and everything but scanlating was immensely fun. As Omega remarks, your interactions with Lauk and all the silly banter completes this family. I, and we, Muninki, will miss you and the opportunity to chat with you for the next few years Ace. Until then, fare thee well.”

And from Lauk, our typesetter with too much time on his hand, and self-declared divorcee of Ace and current Onii-san of Ace:

“Oh Ace already knows what I would say to her”

And finally, let us have a word from Ace:

“To Muninki –> Thank you for taking care of me for the past few months….. and also, for teaching me some new stuff (i’mjustsaying) … But I will come back (which i don’t know when)…. with my new appearance (hopefully) !!!!

To everyone –> I’ve no idea what to say, but I, the (trainee) cleaner of Muninki, am saying…. thank you for your support… on Muninki , of course. It means a lot to us especially me. d(=v=)b umm …. That’s all.”

As you can see Ace, we will all miss you. Thanks for learning how to clean to help us out. I’m sorry I may have been slightly picky every now and then but you did improve, honestly.

We hope to see you soon!

PKX and Muninki (無人気)

Aria AA Ch11 release!

This one was translated and proofread for a while. Now we enter a little mini-arc before another short story before entering into the first major(?) one in the light novel. Much thanks to Ace, Lauk, Omega and Hikari for taking their time with this. Hopefully we’ll get into some sort of pattern soon…

Other chapters coming eventually.

Here is the chapter:

  • 11 – https://[]/#!0BgB0ASY!WCD_OE9ff0C7eGCW7tv7nTVpvklDHgEd5T9H6uZFxNc

Life really takes the life out of you. I suppose that’s why there’s food.

We’ll catch up eventually. Maybe.

As mentioned, we’re looking for new people to assist us lazies. Please see our “Join us!” page or just contact us via email, comment or IRC.