P2! – Let’s Play Pingpong!

From MangaUpdates:

Hiromu is untalented in sports and has failed in many teams but has found talent in ping pong.

From myself:

Hiromu discovers that despite his complete lack of a typical athlete’s body, he develops an interest in Table Tennis after meeting Kawazue of “Haou” fame, a member of the three strongest players of Kuzekita and winning a point off of him.
Story by Ejiri Tatsuma

Here’s a list of “P2! – Let’s Play Pingpong!” releases. The series can be read online at Bato.to.

One comment

  1. I’m an editor/cleaner for a little scan group Forgotten scans (the site says I’m inactive, but I’m not XD) the main goal is to pick up forgotten mangas. I just finally got one of our Chinese Translators to pick up the manga Bowling King with me. The next manga I was actually considering was P2! I remember reading a few of the chapters years ago and hoping for more, but sadly it got dropped. I decided to look it up and what do ya know you guys released a new chapter just days ago! Not sure if your scan group has got it’s feet off the ground just yet, but if you’d be willing we’re always welcoming new members and new projects (if you’re a translator you basically get to pick a manga within reason and we’ll do it haha), but if that’s not plausible I definitely would be game for a joint project with you and your group. As it stands most of my free time will be going towards Bowling King, but if you’d want to join us or do a joint project with us I’d gladly spend some of that time helping out with P2! Well, if you’re interested just shoot me an email at Road2joy1@gmail.com and we can discuss it some more ^_^ hope to hear from ya! Cheers!

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